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Commercial Data Wiring & Network Solutions

Cinemagic Entertainment offers professional meeting and presentation systems, retail store audio/video and digital signage packages, and educational learning enhancements.



  • Corporate Systems

    Cinemagic offers executive boardroom systems,

    commercial data wiring


    network solutions


    wiring infrastructure

    , video and audio conference equipment, portable A/V equipment, digital signage packages and service and maintenance contracts at New Jersey, New york, Connecticut and more.

  • Retail Stores/Restaurant System

    If you have a small boutique or a large department store, we can design and install overhead sound systems, public displays, and digital signage and service and maintenance contracts.

  • House of Worship Systems

    Full audio systems with choir microphones, wireless microphones, mixing sound boards for multiple instrumental setups, and speakers to match your environment will make any sermon or hymn uplifting and enjoyable for your members.

  • Education

    Whether you have a small or large classroom, or even maybe a classroom in another country, we can set up your virtual classroom so that all students can have perfect attendance.


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After your new equipment is installed, Cinemagic continues its quality customer service by offering fast turn-around time for service calls anda maintenance contract to ensure your new equipment will last for years to come.


Commercial Corporate Systems